Our Sustainable Approach

We can all do something to improve our impact on the environment. For example cutting down waste, choosing things that are recycled or recyclable, or buying locally. We at Boë have embraced this need to be greener and have worked hard to make Boë an environmentally responsible company.


  • We use fully recyclable glass bottles made and printed in the UK. 
  • We use biodegradable labels.
  • The corks use recycled material.
  • The cardboard boxes which Boë is packaged in are made from recycled materials and are fully recyclable.
  • All of our company cars are either hybrid or electric.
  • We are cutting down the number of journeys made by lorry drivers and are encouraging customers to take fewer, bigger deliveries.
  • We only deal with suppliers who are equally as committed to sustainability.
  • We have passed with distinction all environmental audits by our key customers, for example Tesco. They commented the following:

"I think your recent green solutions are still some of the best out there in Beer Wines and Spirits at the moment". - Tesco

There is more to be done, but we have made a good start.


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