The Party Cocktail

Copacabana Cosmo

Prep time: 3 minutes
Difficulty: Medium

Equipment & ingredients


37.5ml Boë Passion Fruit Gin 12.5ml limoncello, 50ml Cranberry 10-15 ml lime, 1x Hawthorne Strainer, 1x 7 oz Martini Glass Mixing Tin & Boston Glass, 1x dehydrated lime wheel / orange

Making a Copacabana Cosmo

Step one

Chill your glass and prepare the garnish

Pre chill your Martini Glass and prepare the lime wheel or orange twist

Step two

Add the gin

Add the gin and the rest of the ingredients to the Boston Glass, finish by adding ice to top of mixing tin

Step three

Start shaking

Seal the shaker, shake for 15 seconds and strain into martini glass

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